Thomas Walpuski

Vorlesung: Differential Geometry I/Differentialgeometrie I (winter semester 2020/2021)

The lectures takes place Tuesdays and Wednesdays 11:15–13:00 via Zoom starting 2020/11/03. The tutorial takes place Wednesdays 9:15–11:00 via Zoom starting 2020/11/11.

There are two tutorials: one run by Olaf Müller and one run by myself. Students whose last name begins with A-K are assigned to my tutorial and those whose last name begins with L-Z are assigned to Olaf Müller's tutorial.

The Zoom invites can be found in the Moodle page (key: whitney). Here is this lecture's AGNES listing.


The date of the exam has now been published in the exam schedule.

Lecture Notes

Here is a link to (sort-of) live lecture notes as well as notes of the tutorials.

Here are my typed lecture notes.


Exercise Sheet 9
Exercise Sheet 8
Exercise Sheet 7
Exercise Sheet 6
Exercise Sheet 5
Exercise Sheet 4
Exercise Sheet 3
Exercise Sheet 2
Exercise Sheet 1